Coliseum Wealth Management is now part of Lido Advisors, LLC, a full service, independent, registered investment advisory firm.


Lido Advisors, LLC, a full service, independent, registered investment advisory firm, announced today its merger with Coliseum Wealth Management, an independent financial advisory firm in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The transaction closed on July 1st , 2019.

Scott Berman, from Coliseum Wealth Management, will join Lido Advisors as vice president, private client services. Jordenne Nash will also join Lido Advisors as senior operations associate. Berman will be involved in sourcing clients from a wide range of programs as well as the recruitment of additional advisors for the region.

Brad Hixson, Executive Vice President, Lido Advisors said, “We are eagerly looking forward to working with Scott and Jordenne to enhance Lido’s presence in the Mid-Atlantic Region. We consider this a major geographic expansion and are partnering with the best talent in the area. Scott’s commitment to client service and Jordenne’s operational excellence are the perfect fit for the Lido brand and client experience.”

Berman said, “We are honored to be joining the Lido team and excited about the opportunity to bring Lido’s superior investment capabilities to clients. We look forward to growing the Lido presence in the Washington, DC area and throughout Mid-Atlantic Region.”

As a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), Lido Advisors provides wealth management and investment services tailored to the unique situations of high net-worth individuals, trusts and family offices.

About Lido Advisors, LLC
Lido Advisors is a nationally recognized wealth advisory firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California with offices throughout the United States. It executes comprehensive investment and wealth solutions designed to grow, protect, and maximize its clients’ legacies. Lido Advisors’ focus on elegant and effective client solutions exemplifies its commitment to excellence.

With innovation and integrity, Lido Advisors will continue to grow and expand into the nationally recognized leader providing investment and wealth strategies for select institutions and families. The firm grows, protects and maximizes clients’ legacies through the pursuit of far-reaching wealth, investment, tax, and estate solutions.